Sunday, December 2, 2012

Contrasting Art Hunt

Contrasting Hunt ItemDetails on this hunt are a little sketchy, but you're looking for a scultped red moon at various art galleries. I couldn't find a blog, nor are there hints anywhere I could find, but it's a very short hunt and so a bit of an aparitif if you are of the hunting bent but don't have a lot of time (or desperately need something you can actually complete!). I found nine different stops with one stop (confusingly) giving a landmark to the next two.

This hunt began November 25, 2012 and ends December 25, 2012, so you have plenty of time.

Contrasting 1-6

1) The Cube Art Gallery - rotating, texture moving sculpture
3) Soulmate Studio - V in Lilypads by Dax Saffron (no copy/trans)
4) Melbeau Art Gallery - Red Poppy (no copy/trans)
5) 2SPS Gallery - Turtles&Sun
6) WU Gallery - Cubist Guitar (sculpture)

Contrasting 7-10

7) Gem's Art Gallery - Gem Preiz - Fractal Treasures (no copy/trans)
8) The ArtZone Gallery - Chakryn Forest II by Alyx Aerallo
9) The House of QXI Erotic Art - Who's Been Naughty (no copy/trans)
10) Panorama Gallery - Alien Sky (full)

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