Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two sided

It's interesting how quickly time spent changes, even while the amount of time remains fixed. Sometimes it seems like I'm always bouncing after a long list of things I want to accomplish, and a longer list of things I have to accomplish.


One thing I've noticed on SL is how singular so many people appear to be, at least in their profile. Go to a philosophy discussion and everyone's an intellectual; go to a club and people are seeking good music or good romance; go to a BDSM discussion and people focus on their approach to power dynamics. The only place I honestly understand this sort of singularity is in roleplaying Sims, where all too often the person in front of you is not the main identity of the person behind the screen but rather one of many faces, specially tuned for a type of character.

I know I have a couple of accounts like that, where a few I'm close to know the names and their connection to me, but few others might even guess, much less know.

Online, identity can become such a fluid thing. It's a lovely place to play out the darker or lighter places in our soul, to take on other roles and see them play out to their fullest extent.

And sometimes, when I go to these different places and see these people who fit those places so well, I wonder if - like in roleplaying - these are faces made just for these events, to ideally fit. Not the full extent of a person, with all the variations and conflicts inherent in being a fully formed person, but facets of to return only the light we want others to see.

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