Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Irony is someone castigating people for using a nom de internet while doing so themselves.

I think my favorite piece was from the "staying safe" page - which gives some good advice, but also reveals something rather, shall we say, revealing about the mindset of this person who isn't revealing their real identity while demanding others do so. "Many of these people are not functioning members of society."

And, of course, the "sex offender" bugaboo comes soon after. Just for once, I'd love to see something original. It remains true that children are at far more risk of pedophilia from someone who knows them, who is a friend of the family, and who has regular physical access to them in order to initiate the disgusting process of grooming them for abuse. All of this freaking out over people on the internet... is beginning to ring a little hollow.

So, yes, be suspicious on the internet - by all means. Be suspicious of people with slightly odd names, and people with incredibly normal ones. Be suspicious of people in the analog world, too, though. Just because you can see someone's face doesn't mean you can trust them.

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