Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twisted Hunt - Moar!

I don't have the patience to repeat the previous post of just listing everything, but all the details in that post are also on the flickr for each picture, so here - have a link to the flicker set for this hunt! Wheeee~!

(The link was back there. No.... look up. UP! There! You got it!)

Instead of just regurgitating my photostream, I'm going to instead talk about some of my favorites in a little more detail. I know it's politic to say everything's my favorite, but the truth is I have a definite style which doesn't stretch quite as broadly as the Twisted Hunt might, so not everything is my style. It's been interesting taking off-style pictures, though, and I'll talk more about that next post.

I adore Blue Blood, for instance, like anything. A significant portion of my inventory is from that store. It's no surprise, then, that one of my favorites is her Female twisted Hunt Gift. I especially like the ribbon detail around the base of the skirt.

Twisted Hunt 003: Twisted Women
Description: Blue Blood Twisted Hunt Gift.

The same can be said of Falln Angel Creations. Again, a large part of my inventory comes from Azriel's store and it's a style I really love, so it's no surprise that his Julia Gown in Purple is a winner with me.

Twisted Hunt 021: Twisted Pride and Modesty
Description: Julia Gown Twisted Hunt Prize from Falln Angel Creations.

Nightshade Designs was new to me, though, and as much as I loved the women's outfit - which was as GothLoli as I could care for - I was surprised how much I liked the 80's pants inspired Men's Outfit. The pants are huge and poofy - I had to shrink them to fit, but the suit lines and how everything fit together was surprisingly enjoyable to me.

Twisted Hunt 014: MenSwear
Description: Nightshade Designs' Men's Prize for the Twisted Hunt.

Another surprise was the Sassy Kitty Designs Fucktastic Outfit. I tend to avoid showing too much skin, even inworld, and the pictures of me in silks are few and far between (at least before I started taking all these pictures). I was surprised, however, at how much I liked the lines of this dress. While I'm not sure fuckTASTIC quite fits, The combination of narrow-coverage down the middle of my body and the bands on the arms and legs is definitely striking, especially given my chosen skin tones tend to be pale.

Twisted Hunt 024: Fucktastic Neko
Description: Sassy Kitty Designs, the Fucktastic Outfits - Dress for the Twisted Hunt

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