Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Four for One Deal on Glamistry's Parrasana Heels

Glamistry: Parrasana Heels

These Parrasana heels come with a fit for SLink, Matreya, and Belleza high feet and have a cunning hook heel detail perfect for spearing marshmallows, fish, and fruit as you stride though life (marshmallows, fish, and fruit not included). The vamp, heel, hook, and sole are all changeable between colors, meaning you can mix and match deliciously.

Now, I've shown off Glamistry's shoes before, and this time I'm able to offer a little more - 3 additional colors when you purchase one for the Parrasana heels. This is a new promotion from Glamistry, and hinges on their awesome HUD based color tinting system, where additional colors can be added for a lower cost - in this case, a much lower cost. In fact, purchase any single color for Parrasana heels and you can receive 3 more colors completely free! That's an additional value of 441L for the purchase price of 379L (147L to add a color if you already own the heels).

The process is pretty straightforward:
1. Purchase any single color for Parrasana heels on the marketplace, in the mainstore or through your Parrasana's HUD. 
2. Open and use the following promo code: HRPQEY 
3. The system will randomly choose 3 colors which you don't own and will add them to your HUD
That's it - one purchase and you get four additional colors! This offer ends in Jan 03th 00:00AM SLT, so you have a few days to give it a try.

Also, please let me know if this is the kind of promotion you'd like to get through this blog - it's a little outside of my usual purview, but Second Life is a difficult world to advertise in, this really is an awesome deal, and I get a little kickback if you use my promotional code - so we all win! 


Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Feet: SLink, High
Heels: Glamistry, Parrasana

Pose: Exposeur, Back to Black 4

Light: TOR, MIDDAY Vintage Village

Water: Mirror Water

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