Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SL's 11th Birthday: Beguile

There are four different paths to follow to take in all of the Second Life Hunt Prizes - shown at the Official Page, each with their own starting point, though I ended up doing some of them backwards. I've taken the precaution of numbering the exhibits for easy reference; the sheer volume can be rather overwhelming, and each sim will be covered individually as I go. Names of exhibits and exhibitors found here.

Northern Trail ( Wonderous / Beguile )
Western Trail ( Spellbound / Astound )
Southern Trail ( Fascinate / Pizzazz )
Eastern Trail ( Enchant / Spectacular )

Northern Trail - Beguile

Beguile 1a
1. Dressage in SL: Olympic Horse Sports for the horse avatar in SL by H0neyHeart Resident. HUNT STOP - 6 PRIZES. Place for doing dressage and information about horses in Second Life.

Beguile 2a
2. DragOn Science by Vinhold Starbrook. HUNT STOP. Some kind of test chamber on the second floor - you have to wear a HUD to get there and need media on a prim to see what to do.

Beguile 3a
3. HHVET Victoriana by SnakeLady Melody. HUNT STOP. FREE GIFTS. Large building - the doorway is around the corner from your path. Information in the sim inside.

Beguile 4a
4. Blue Lotus Okiya portal to our world by Aryanna DeCuir. HUNT STOP. Doorway is on the opposite side from your path. Lovely enclosed Japanese garden.

Beguile 5a
5. Dare to Dream by Tori Landau. HUNT STOP. FREE GIFTS. Gated Garden - doorway is facing the doorway for Victoriana.

Beguile 6
6. Crossroads – Transylvania by Night WOD/VTM by Ravenal Ashby.Large, gothic building - doorway is on the right edge.

Beguile 7
7. The Art Of Thinking by Daruma Resident. Walls are phantom. Black on black labyrinth inside with white words.

Beguile 8
8. GOHA; Today & Tomorrow by Ashlene McMinnar. FREE GIFTS. Hockey rink inside of snowscape.

Beguile 9a
9. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project by Loredana Loring. TON OF FREE GIFTS. HUNT STOP. Images of Kenyan women plus some inspirational quotes and a lovely, knitted tree (possibly a sacred Mae tree?) in the middle of a courtyard.

Beguile 10a
10. Confederation of Democratic Simulators by patroklus murakami. HUNT STOP. Banks of buildings with two floors.

Beguile 11
11. The Bubble by Sunshine / Yellow Core.Large bubble full of pictures.

Beguile 12
12. THE TREE OF LIFE by Caro Fayray. HUNT STOP. Art exhibit.

Beguile 13a
13. SL11B -  Sluniverse Community by Robert Jung. HUNT STOP. Pool party and information.

Beguile 14a
14. The Avilion Pavilion by Suzie Sewell. Click a sign for information and FREE STUFF.

Beguile 15a
15. Field of Dreams: Our Journey and Beyond by Landon Edenbaum. HUNT STOP. Baseball diamond with pictures to one side.

Beguile 16a
16. Building for the future by Dimitri Mint. FREE GIFTS. Large blue building.

Beguile 17a
17. House of Dun by Vain Adder. HUNT STOP. Walk through the picture of a house front to reach the back.

Beguile 18a
18. Philomenaville Welcomes You to the New Century by Mistletoe Ethaniel. HUNT STOP. Displays about various things with examples and information.

Beguile 19a
19. Vernacular Visions by Indea Vaher. Folk and outsider art. Door on the opposite side from your path.

Beguile 20
20. Ruca Tease Island by bonadea avedon. Island view with small cabana.

Beguile 21a
21. Noosphere by Attica Bekkers. Large, silver sphere with "zoo" on one side and pretty colors inside.

Beguile 22
22. Creations Park ~ Creations for Parkinson’s by Barbie Alchemi. HUNT STOP. Move theater with video of person with Parkinsons helped by SL, and link to a hunt on their sim.

Beguile 23
23. Second Life Spanish by Wilson Voight. Pyramid with information about scheduling and free classes.

Beguile 24a
24. The Sim Scouts – Creating Tomorrows Leaders Today by OliverRed. HUNT STOP. Camp Alanshee information.

Beguile 25
25. An Adventure In Time and Space by April Kohl. Cakeland(?) information and muffin and cake puns.

Beguile 26
26. Childhood Imagination by Matthew Querrien. Raised playground.

Beguile 27
27. Whole-Brain Health by Lissena Wisdomseeker. HUNT STOP couldn't find prize. Click to enter - you get out by walking downstairs but there are lots of floors. Advertising about tasks available here and at their sim, including a "Community of Elders" for SL Residents older than fifty offline, a butterfly hunt for words of wisdom, and a Hero's Fortune spinner.

Beguile 28
28. East River Community by Elisha Paklena. Information about the sims associated with the community.

Beguile 29a
29. The Grey School of Wizardry by Logan Porterfield. HUNT STOP. Entrance on the opposite side from your path. Symbolism hunt. "The Grey School of Wizardry teaches about real Magick." Does not seem to be an RP sim.

Beguile 30
30. Deutsche Volkshochschule – vhs in virtueller Welt, by Chiria Celt. Information about various future opportunities across the grids in English and German.

Beguile 31a
31. A Dollhouse Dream by Monavie Voight. HUNT STOP. Small house with a lovely river in front of it. Front of it facing away from your path.

Beguile 32a
32. Mystic Empire of Life by eternalestrange. FREE GIFTS. The entire exterior is phantom; inside is food-based decorations on three levels with gifts on the second level.

Beguile 33
33. Dreams: Still Lighting the Way by Kelyren Benoir. Large building with enormous, lighthouse style top. Advertizing for an ADHD Support Group on Tuesdays at 6PM SLT.

Beguile 34
34. Plot 25 Yooma Mayo by yooma mayo. Art display from Chaotic Parade.

Beguile 35a
35. Pencil Dresses & How far they have come! by Alejandra Jumanya. HUNT STOP. Images of mesh pencil skirts.

Beguile 36
36. Jenna McKlis’s new Concepts by mcklis70 Resident. HUNT STOP couldn't find prize. Series of rides and an observatory at a top level.

( More pictures here. )


Location: Beguile
Light Settings: AnaLutetia, AvatarOp whiter

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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