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The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt

The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt is the latest MadPea Hunt, a brief and fun confection with hints included for each item - which is important, since there is no limit as to how far the hunt item can be from where you teleport in. You buy the HUD for 10$L at the gorgeous MadPea Pirate Cove, then click on the HUD to fill in the map at each of the participating stores, following the trail of hearts the Perfumed Cutlass left behind her in her travels. Once you've found all fifteen, you get an avalanche of gifts that I'm showing off below where X marks the spot, in the Perfumed Cutlass' secret treasure cave. To add to the fun, each store contains a fun little story about each of the Perfumed Cutlass' loves, a touch which I ended up really enjoying.

I've taken pictures of the prizes below; hope you find this handy~!

1 The Elegant Goth

Elegant Goth
1. Theirs was a romance for the history books, The Perfumed Cutlass and The Elegant Goth. She was his lady and he was the champion of her heart, but alas the lure of the sea was too great and one night she stole away. However she never forgot the long nights in the library when he would read to her from his alchemy books and they would play at turning lead to gold. It's why she left him a piece of her map tucked away inside a book. In the hope that one day his dreams of gold might come true.

2 United Irish Con

United IrishGoth
2. They met behind the Greenstone Trade House in North South Essex. She was running away from the guard and ended up in his arms. He was quick on his feet and he swirled her into a kiss against the wall. The unsuspecting guard charged right past. She would have been outraged had he not saved her from certain death. They had a passionate summer romance but when the winds turned cool she sailed out of his embrace. However she left a piece of her map for him tucked behind a brick in the wall where they shared their first desperate kiss.

3 dirty little secret

3. She was his dirty little secret. He was an aristocratic looking for adventure and she was a pirate. It was a match made in heaven, at least while it lasted. They spent long moonlit evenings sitting in the rattan chairs on the balcony of his plantation home while she regaled him with her escapades. When she sailed away on the tide one moonless night she made sure to leave him a memento tucked between the weave of those chairs.

4 Brat

Brat Inc.
4. He always called her his little Brat and in the end she was when she refused his proposal and shipped out to sea. She didn't want to break his heart, but she had no choice. As a consolation she left him a piece of her map to keep him warm with the promise of someday returning and sharing a champagne toast with him to celebrate their nuptials.

5 Whims & Wishes

Whims & Wishes
5. He always said he would carve their initials into the bark of the tree who's leaves flamed as red as their passion. Alas their time together ended before he ever got around to it but she felt the map piece carefully wrapped against the elements and laid to rest in the arms of that same tree would remind him of their love.

6 Co motion

6. He was as sneaky as she was when it came to buried secrets. She never forgot the trust he showed when he revealed the hiding spot of this treasure box. A love both pure and true burned for her in his soft brown eyes, and she loved him too in her wandering way. Before she left she made a deposit in his treasure box, a piece of her map tied up in blue ribbon with a lock of her hair, safe under the rock in the garden.

7 Just Because

Just Because
7. He was a clothier for the nobility. Always a slave to fashion, she had seduced him and he in turn had created for her the most magnificent gown of rich brocades and satins. Long days spent fitting the layers and layers of cloth against her curves gave way to nights infront of the fire, flames illuminating those same curves in delightful ways. Once his gown caressed her form she knew she would never allow any other to dress her. When she slipped away she left him a piece of her map tucked between bolts of cloth as payment for services rendered.

8 Distorted Dreams

Distorted Dreams
8. Both fans of the theater, they met when two tickets matched one chair. He made her skin tingle and her caress warmed him like the sun. Theirs was a passion of the flesh but it touched her heart before it ended. She could not deny leaving him a piece of her map tucked into the cushions of the lucky chair that brought them together.

9 Fallen Gods

Fallen Gods
9. Theirs was a love of thoughts, words and the Sea. Rivals turned allies turned friends, their relationship was tumultuous to say the least.There was a definite beginning to their story but the ending was never so clearly defined. Unlike anyone she had ever known, he seemed impervious to her charms and warned her away. Challenged, she swooped in and captured a prey he was stalking. He retaliated by offering a bounty on her head that succeeded in The Perfumed Cutlass being delivered to the uncrowned Pirate King by her own men. Sure of rape and death, and not necessarily in that order, everyone, from his crew to her crew to she herself, were surprised when he simply stuck her in the galley as the Cook's assistant. A fate worse then death to be sure. The adventure sucked out of her sails, she became despondent and then angry. To be killed at the hands of the Pirate King was one thing, a climatic end to a dramatic life. To be his Cook's assistant was to be forgotten and that was unacceptable!

In the dead of night  she crept from her hammock clutching the paring knife she had smuggled out of the kitchen vowing to slit his throat, or die trying. Curiously, she stole unseen to his cabin where she found him reading a book. Raising the knife high, she meant to slam it into the back of his neck, when suddenly he swirled in his seat, and in one fluid movement caught her hands, scooped her into his lap and disengaged the knife from between her fingers. As he leaned over her struggling body, she closed her eyes preparing for the end. She waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, opening her eyes she saw him peering down at her, eyes sparkling with amusement. 'I heard you were brave, my dear, yet you meet death with eyes closed?' Smiling, he offered her a slice of pear carved with the paring knife. Thus begun their lifelong friendship and shared love of pears. She never needed to give him a piece of her map because she never left him, but he always knew where her treasure was buried just the same.

10 CoLLisions

10. Her jewels were the envy of queens, but none compared to the beauty of the earrings he gave her. Modeled on her own earlobes, there could not be a more perfectly shaped pair of earrings in all the world. Unfortunately a miasma settled into his lungs and the doctors gave him little hope of recovery unless an elixir made from the petals of a the azure kissed jungle hollyhock could be made. She set sail at once to retrieve the prize and left him a piece of her map as her promise to return.

11 Wicked Sin Creations

Wicked Sin Creations
11. When they met he said he knew they would share great passion because he had seen it in his crystal ball. Apparently he had also seen the truth of how long she would stay, because on the day the tide turned he slipped away from her before she could sail away from him. His bravery in the face of heartbreak touched her soul so she left a piece of her map underneath his crystal ball so his future would not look so bleak.

12 Chic Buildings

Chic Buildings
12. There are no photos of The Perfumed Cutlass but neither are there any portraits of her likeness. Once an artist feel in love with her visage and tried to paint it. Upon revealing his intention to her she had no choice but to threaten his life and the sight of his children. She didn't like to threaten, it seemed so brutish but fear does things to people. Later she relented, kissing the eyelids of the children she had almost blinded. Afraid for this family she had made lest her past be revealed, she slipped away in the dead of night leaving behind nothing more then a piece of her map as an inheritance. Still in love with faces her many times great grandchildren capture people with cameras instead of paints.

13 Arkenstone

Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture
13. She admired his work on many of the ships she captured and finally found the opportunity to meet him when she needed to have her captain's quarters repaired after a particularly hellish encounter with Her Majesty's Royal Navy. His craftsmanship was inspired. He made wood bend in ways she had never seen. She admired him for his skill and loved him for the passion he poured into his art. She knew as she sailed out of port that he would understand her passion for the open sea and not mourn her leaving. Still she was glad to have left a piece of her map for him tucked away behind the leather couch on which they had reclined so often.

14 Ravensong

14. His hands were what she would always remember about him, his sculptor's carress against her skin. He laughed when she commissioned a bronze casting of his hand but indulged her anyways. On the day it was complete she slipped through his fingers but left a piece of her map nestled against his polished palm to remember her by.

15 Aphrodite

Aphrodite Megastore
15. He told her stories about the faces in the trees which made them both laugh until they cried. It never occurred to her that anyone would be interested in the tales of her adventures, but he had encouraged her to talk and listened with such rapt attention, hanging on her every word, that she couldn't help but fall in love. He had heard the stories, he knew that she would not stay, but before she left she tucked a scrap of her map into a knot on the tree with the toothy grin.

0 MadPea

Madpea Bonus Gift

( More pictures here. )

Non-Hunt Credits:

Skin: De La Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De la Soul, RooMee Rainbow
Ears: Illusion, Seelie Ears
Eyelashes: *X*plosion, PrimLashes
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Cookie (50$L Friday)
Poses: Glitterati

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