Friday, June 17, 2011

Cloche and Chess

I love presents.

Floating Roses
Pose: Glitterati, 061

They make me wriggle inside with glee, though I'm often bad at showing my appreciation.

In this case, Tiffy Vella sent me a review pack from her store, Eclectica, containing some hats and jewelry. It was a timely sending; I actually had eyed the hats when she sent out the update and strongly considered picking them up - putting it off because money's a bit tight right now with my budding meeroo farm. I'm modeling the knitted cloche, which comes with the hair attached - nicely color changing so you can have whatever color you want. I chose blond, of course, but there was really a wide range of options. That hat also changes in color, and as per Tiffy's usual sublime creations is also modify ok!

Yay modify ok!

Check Mate
Pose: Glitterati, Long Hair 2 - 8

I paired it with the also-included Manhattan jewelry in quartz - which went perfectly with this Blue Blood Tahiti dress in black and white that I included in a longer post earlier in the week. It's a modern, art deco style of jewelry and comes with necklace, earrings, and a hat pin. I found it pretty easy to pair the hatpin with the cloche hat - you can see it along the brim in the picture below. I love the effect of the crisp, slightly jagged style of the jewelry with the softer round of hat and dress, and the tier pattern matches the dress gorgeously. I paired the entire outfit with one of the newer boots from Dilly Dolls, a nicely sleek set called the Shrew boots. All of my poses are from Glitterati, and I ended up taking pictures at Omega Point, in the rose garden high in the sky.

Into the Boughs
Pose: Glitterati, Dressed 6

Appreciation, and gifts, are a funny thing sometimes - especially between a blogger and a store owner. I have a slowly growing folder, now, of things "to blog" which I may or may not get to any time soon. Most of them were gifts - not directly to me but through a group where creators can distribute information and gifts to bloggers in the hopes of hitting the feeds in a wave of domination. Some of the bloggers also post there, announcing their posts for people to see. I have to admit, the farthest I'm currently willing to do in terms of self-promotion is sending notecards to stores I feature (and by feature I mean mention in the text of my post, not include in my pictures!) and joining a lot of feeds.

I'm not sure if I'm betraying some sort of unspoken blogger's pact by the slowness of my response to gifts from store - or my lack of response at all. I've heard stories of bloggers who contacted store owners, flagrantly asking for all sorts of things in a seeming attempt to gather as much as they can, for as little money as they can. I can't deny that I have an acquisitive side to myself - the size of my inventory betrays that much - but I also know that my strength is not in the quick response but rather in the slow reflection, long building which crystallizes a complex web of thoughts and experiences into something semi-coherent.

On the Back of the Universe
Pose: Glitterati, BCA 8

Whether that's compatible with fashion blogging remains to be seen.


Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Skin: De La Soul, Charlie - Cream Sparkle
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Hat (with hair): Eclectica, Knitted Cloche Hat
Jewelry: Eclectica, Manhattan - Quartz
Dress: Blue Blood, Tahiti - Black & White
Boots: Dilly Dolls, Shrew Boots Dark

Location: Omega Point
Light Settings: Places: Astryls Wild
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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