Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fantasy Faire: The Rose

The Rose: Lion

Alia's builds are almost always one of my favorites, and I adored The Rose the second I set foot inside of it. I have a major soft spot for Venice, and this sim really brought that city to mind, from the houses with their stoops ending at the waterline, to the gondola style boats floating on the water. The hues are gentle shades of pink which set off the mint water that was the default windlight beautifully. It grows up rather than out, the outer edges facades while the stores grow up the middle and curve around in a confusing and delighting manner, all the way up to the dance stage on the roof of the central building. I loved the layers and details even while cursing every time I got lost! Rose petals are everywhere, and here and there a black mask lies discarded as if from some party the night before. I was most startled when I crossed a bridge, looked to the side, and realized there was a watery tunnel all the way through! Fantastic!

The Rose: Pet Rose

Looking closer, it was the details which caught me - lion headed fountains; a small grouping of pigeons around some lamps; the edging of gold on a set of steps; tiny windows tucked in above larger openings; gorgeous stained glass along the front of Fallen Gods' store. I want rooms here; I want to move in, and decorate, and look out through the gorgeous windows to see a flawless horizon line in the distance. I love the lines of statuary as well; they remind me of a country house I saw in Germany, where at the top of each pillar there was a different person carved out of marble, some of them intact while others were broken and pitted by the environment. I love the criss-cross of levels, the gradual reduction of size as you go higher, the unexpected touches and details that confront you when you turn a corner. I was most struck by some words written on the wall within Alia's store, though:

"Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness;
know that, like life, some things must fade before they can bloom again."

The Rose: Meeting

I went petite for this sim, starting with one of the men who got me into petites to begin with - Alia of Fallen Gods (The Rose). His sparkly petite released this Faire is a lovely cloud of a skin, a soft blue with teal and purple highlights. I'm showing it off with Fallen Gods' specific royale head and the elf ears, with it's narrower and more aquiline face. I also added the bright teal eyes which come with this particular petite, though I'm wearing my own shape - the petite form does respond to quite a few sliders, making shape important even when one is diminutive. Night Sparkle comes with the Spirit accessories, including tiny teal butterflies and enough coverage to go out in public along with delicate wings. It also has a hair included, so you can either wear this petite out of the box, or modify it to meet your hopes and dreams.

I stayed on The Rose for MacMoragh an Gabha (The Rose)'s weapons, adding a katana to match my wings just in case someone got fresh with me! You can draw or return it by clicking on the sheath or using one of the included gestures, and a lovely but tiny blade appears in your other hand - I love those effects! The roleplaying sheath is designed to work with the Unity Maxim Meter, so look into this if that's the meter your roleplay uses. I love the details, from the thread tied around the sheath to the silver chasing; this really is the perfect touch for a miniature martial artist.

The Rose: Under the Skylight

I had to leave The Rose to continue my ensemble with the help of NSP Florals (The Hill). There is an astonishing amount of stuff on my tiny head, starting with the cap and curls that come with a color changing HUD for the hair itself. Tucked into that are three different sets of flowers, so you can add or remove according to your taste, each of which can be tinted separately.

I used that versatility to pair it with this adorable gown from Little 2 Large (The Spirit Pool), complete with it's own line of flowers down the front. It's amazing how much detail has been pushed into such a tiny space, fading from a blue which almost perfectly matches my skin to bright white in the center. I also am quite fond of the neckline, a smooth curve that frames my shoulders and adds interest to the silhouette. Time for picking these things up at the Fantasy Faire is coming close to an end, so get by there as soon as you're able!

The Rose: The Rose Prince


Body: Fallen Gods, Night Sparkle (Fantasy Faire)
Hair: NSP Florals, Shire Lass Hair (Fantasy Faire)
Necklace: Elemental, Moonglow Necklace
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Dress: Little 2 Large, Infinite Hope Petite Gown (Fantasy Faire)
Weapon: MacMoragh an Gabha, Tears of the Wind (Fantasy Faire)

Poses: Grafica
Location: Fantasy Faire: The Rose
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only


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