Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Meme: Favorite Color(s)


This week Strawberry asks about out Favorite Color, which is always an interesting question for me because my favorite color is really a spectrum of them, and has been for some time. When I was a child, my favorite color was red - I know because I read what I wrote back then. By the time I could remember, my favorite color was purple because it was my friends' favorite color, and I wanted to belong. As a teenager and young adult, my favorite color was blue, and in part that was cemented when my best friend died and there was a blue named for her, which I now use endlessly when I have an opportunity to paint things. As time went on, though, I had to admit it was the colors in spectrum which really drew me, which I really loved, and now when asked I say my favorite color is "rainbow."

I've spent most of my career on Second Life looking for rainbow outfits, and by rainbow I don't mean "all the colors," I mean "arranged in a spectrum like manner". I find out of order or inharmonious rainbows deeply disturbing, the complete inverse of harmonious and spectral rainbows - like the ones below. You'll also get a chance to see back through the history from decent pictures to not very good pictures. It's an interesting retrospective, so I'm glad I had Berry's inspiration to pull them all together.

Visitors from Elsewhere

Shadow Smile

Bright Lights

Grounded Spectrum

A New Friend

Mysterious Door in the Depths


Light and Shadow

Shower of Love

Cloud Dancing


Beam of Light

Bless My Pixel Heart

A Little Attitude with my Cute

Oh, Balls

Unusual Island Spirits

Bamboo Garden

Flight Over Dream Sea

I make the view even FINER!

Are you Coming?

2009-05-22 The Damned Rave_008

( More pictures here. )


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, I really love them. 8D

  2. Holy rainbows batman! You totally win the color contest! :D

    1. Hee hee hee. Maybe I'll inspire more creators to MAKE RAINBOWS DAMNIT.

      At least three of the outfits were creates specifically because I love rainbows, too, which always makes me giggle.

  3. Love your post (stories about colour in your life)
    Did you notice that when you see a double rainbow ...the colour order is reversed on the second one. The reds face each other.

    1. You're so kind, thank you. 8D I had noticed that about double rainbows. I actually once saw a triple rainbow - I didn't have the mental wherewithal to notice how it shaded.