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Go Mine Shaft!! Hunt Guide


On Hakoniwa there is a new mine shaft hunt/game for everyone to play.  It is a whole lot of fun, with easy to get prizes and an engaging storyline; I really had a ball. The post below the cut is incredibly long and organized with How to Skill Up first, then Stand Alone Quests and finally the Main Plotline. I struggled with how to organize this, and this was the closest I could come to a sensible way to do so. I hope it isn't too confusing!

First head over to Aaliyah and sign the book in front of her to get the HUD - for free. Make sure to specify your language, either English or Japanese; I'm reproducing the English here. Give the HUD permission to affect you.

Aaliyah March: Thank you for a signature. Please talk to me if you attach HUD and give permission to it.
MSH HUD(EN): You have successfully entered the hunt. Please enjoy "Mine Shaft Hunt".
Addition to the hunt items, you can find wonderful items in the mall as well. Please stop by.

Go back to Aaliyah to get a "Stone Pickaxe" which will show up in your HUD Inventory (not your Second Life inventory). If you click Aaliyah again she'll walk you through what to do - or there are some image guides I'm reproducing below!   

GAMEPLAY: HUD Instructions and HUD

GAMEPLAY: How to Start

Aaliyah March
Aaliyah March: Welcome to Mine Administration Office. This is your first time? This is from the union. Please feel free to use it. Please let me know when you are ready as I need to talk to you about various matters regarding the mine.

If you click to open your "property" and click the "stone pickaxe" the HUD will ask you for permission again, and then you will have an enormous pickaxe in your hand! I thought this was a really cool way of not clogging up my inventory with things I might loose!

GAMEPLAY: Surface Map

What I did then, because I'm a goober and play too many RPGs, is walk around and "talk" to all of the NPCs by clicking on them.  I landed a number of quests this way - you know when you have a quest because it both tells you in text, and there's a musical cue. So cute~! Since there isn't an "order" proper to doing this, I'm simply going to list the result of the quest after the quest was given - even if it took a while to find the ingredients for the quest while mining. 

 GAMEPLAY: Wood to Click

You might also see piles of "wood" all over the place as you explore - click on them to pick them up; they'll be useful later.

In addition to the storyline, which is really fun, you will get keys. You can turn them in for prizes at all of the different stores on the sim - you don't have to wait for the end of the plot. Just go inside a store, look at what's by the chest, and decide if you want it or not. There are a lot of unisex and male-inclusive (or even exclusive) prizes - so this is really a hunt for the menfolk.


GAMEPLAY: Upper Level of Mine 

GAMEPLAY: Lower Level of Mine Map

Head into the mine and in the first big room - one reachable by both entrances - is Cameron with her broken furnace. When you click her, instructions about picking up loose stones also shows up via your HUD. It also tells you about the wood we already picked up a lot of, so go us! 

Cameron: Oh no, I can't use this furnace! I can repair it with "Stones"… could you bring me 3 of them?
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "A furnace watcher"

GAMEPLAY: How to Fix a Furnace

GAMEPLAY: How to Make a Stone Axe

On the wall beside Cameron is instructions on picking up rocks and making a new axe when you wear your first one out. Now it's time to find Cameron some stones. Take the mine cart ride down to the level below and then head south and east to find a room with already cut stones for Cameron. They really blend into the background, so look closely! Then, in defiance of gravity, you can take a minecart ride back up to Cameron.

GAMEPLAY: Stone to Click

The way you level up your DIGGING is by walking up to a rock and clicking anywhere around you except for the rock. As you dig, you get things from the stones, and your pickaxe becomes worn down until it breaks. You can then fix your pickaxe at the furnace, once you've unlocked it.

GAME: Rock to Mine

Cameron: Wonderful, you brought them. Please wait a little bit.
I'll repair the furnace right away. I have some left over "Stones", so I'll return them to you. Oh, I will give you some "Wood" material as well. You can try the craft.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Wood".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Stone".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Stone".
MSH HUD(EN): You have retrieved the permit to use the furnice.

With the furnace, you can turn what you mine into lots of different things. You level up in CRAFTING as you make things, so just be patient. Once you hit level Four in Crafting, you can make a Loupe - which will allow you to appraise the "Unappraised raw stone" you keep picking up. Just open the "Property" tab and click on "Unappraised raw stone" and it will be appraised for you! Do the same thing for "Storn of Misfortune" for gems and the like. But remember, you need a Loupe first! It takes longest to level up your VALUATIONS, but it's worth it and you'll end up with a lot of things you need. You can level each skill up to ten, at which point it becomes a star.

CHARACTER: Sales Booth
There is also the option to sell some of the things you don't need! I used it to rearrange my stuff in my inventory!



CHARACTER: Catherine
Catherine: Hey you! Can you hear me out? My birthday is September, but my boyfriend bought me Amethyst! I am so upset so I thought I'd go and get the correct stone and teach him a lesson but… you look like you have some time, could you go and get "Sapphire" for me?
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "September Girl"

Catherine: Hey, do I look good in these Amethyst earrings? He told me later on that Amethyst is the birthstone for September 28! That was a surprise.
So I don't need this "Sapphire" anymore but since you did bring it to me, I'll make a ring out of it.
Oh, I got this one the other day, but I'll give it to you. Thank you~
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Sacred raw ore".

Catherine: Oh, hey, you, can you believe this? My boyfriend said yesterday that my eyes are… hey, where are you going? Hey!!

Theodore: What do you want? I have nothing to say to you… good bye…

Deborah & Leonard

Deborah: Wonder where he is strolling around now …

Leonard: Could you bring "Sulphur" to me? You know, the one you can find in poison and strong medince. You know what I mean right? What I'm going to use it for?  Well, you'll find it out after you bring it to me.
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "Murder assistance?"Start

You get sulphur as a random drop during mining.

Leonard: "Sulphur" can be found in all kinds of poisons… But a there is compound of sulphur that is amino acid and it's called L-cysteine and it works great for beauty treatment. And I'm going to use this for my wife… what, I don't have a reward.

Leonard: Oh, thanks to you, my wife's skin is so soft!

It turns out that Deborah is Leonard's wife with the soft skin!

Deborah: My husband is normally just an old man, but he is actually a genious alchemist.
Even if he is helping out with the chores, he just leaves in the middle of it… well, I'll forgive him today.

Head back to Leonard for another quest.

Leonard: I'm the genious scientist and alchemist. Would you like to know about how I resurrected a wonderful miracle using an ancient technique?
Ok… if you bring "Ruby" to me, I'll tell you.
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "Bargain sale of miracle"

Leonard: Ok! My wife was born in July…Oh, but about that amazing legacy… There is an augite called "Philosophers' stone". Because of my genious mind, I was successful in resurrecting it as well as mass production of it. I'm the best! Well, since you helped me, I'll give you one.
MSH HUD(EN): Give 1 "Ruby".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Philosopher's stone".

Jacob (Daily Quest)


Jacob: I have been digging the "Stones" for many years. It is a neccessity in daily life and I am proud of my job. But the younger generation are more interested in rare stuff and rediculing "Stones". You may not be interested in them either, but if you have 4 of them, would you mind sharing them with me? (This quest will be repeated once it's past UTC 12am (9am JPT)). If you are attempting a quest past UTC 12am, once you clear the level you are on, unfortunately, acceptance of an order will decrease with one)
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "The Old Man and the Stone"

Luckily, I already had collected a ton of stone - I'm an RPGer and we are hoarders - so I was able to fulfill this quest right away!

Jacob: I didn't think you'd be interested, but seems like you are different. Makes me happy. Thanks.
Sorry, I didn't think you would be back so I didn't prepare anything for you as a thank you.
Oh, but I did find this key earlier. I don't need it but it may be of use for you later.
MSH HUD(EN): You now have 1"Treasure coffer key".

Barnaby and his Brother

A lovely view within the mine

The mine is really fun to look through - especially since there are openings here and there between levels. It's so creative and immersive! In this case you can see Barnaby and his brother from above, then head down and talk to Barnaby (his brother doesn't have anything to say).

Barnaby: Hey, I haven't seen you before. Good timing, can you hear me out?
We are brothers and we are both bragging that we are the best miner in town. So we decided that whoever finds the "Diamond" first, will be the best miner in town. Could you please be the witness? Of course, it will be me who wins it!

Make sure to not turn in the diamond until you don't have iron and steel pickaxes - if you have them already, the prize will be wasted.
Barnaby: Wow, I didn't foresee you finding it first…
Guess this is what they mean with a frog in a well. You win this challenge. Take this with you!
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Iron pickax".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Steel pickax".

Barnaby: Hey, when will you come and challenge again


By a small building near one of the mine entrances is Isaac, smoking.
Isaac: What? Who are you to tell me I can't smoke in font of powder magazine. Hahaha, don't worry!
This gunpowder won't burn. It's still damp because of the heavy rain. Well, bring 2 black powder. MSH HUD(EN): Quest "Flower for a Requiem"

You will be able to make gunpowder at level five, which will happen pretty quickly.

Isaac: You brought it to me! You are the best! Now I can do the burial! As a token of gratitude, please accept this.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained Yz200.

Isaac: All I can do is this… I have to throw high up so you can see it from the sky as well… here you go!


CHARACTER: Algernon Leicester

On the other side of the main mine room from Cameron is Algernon - and he has a very important mission.
Algernon Leicester: Hello, I'm Algernon Leicester. As of yesterday, the imperial capital dispatched me here. About a month ago, there was a cave-in accident and 4 people, including Aldo March miner leader, was killed. It was decided at one point be an unfortunate accident, but we received an anonymous letter, and foul play became a possibility, so it was decided to reinvestigate.

Algernon Leicester: But we don't have enough people. Would you mind helping me?

Algernon Leicester: Thank you. Could you please visit the accident place? Just go down and it will be on the right hand side.
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "Newbie Investigator"

STORYLINE: Paper Scraps

Once you reach the accident site - which is a bit obvious - there's a burnt piece of paper nearby.
MSH HUD(EN): This seems to be the place of accident. Wonder if there are any helpful clues left.
MSH HUD(EN): Found a piece of paper that has been burnt. Let's show it to Algernon.

Algernon Leicester: Is this a piece of paper? I'll investigate it. I may ask you to help again. This is the compensation for your help.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained Yz200.

Go about your business for a while, and then click Algernon again. Eventually, he'll say:
Algernon Leicester: We found out that the piece of paper you found was used to package the explosives. Could you please show this to Isaac and get his opinion?
MSH HUD(EN): Received a small piece of paper that is stained

Isaac: What is this piece of paper? It was used to wrap the gunpowder?
I did give him the explosives, but I didn't use this kind of quality paper!
MSH HUD(EN): Let's report it to Algernon.

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: So it wasn't him afterall. Meaning someone else swapped it…
Quality paper… it could be Theodore, who is the editor of the mine materials, or Count Doyle, who is the mine director. Let's visit Theodore first.
Algernon Leicester: He is a bit excentric and odd, but loves silver items. He said he lost his "Silver Ring" so if you bring one, it may be a good thing.
Algernon Leicester: Please bring "Silver Ring" to Theodore and have a chat with him.

Silver ring is a level seven crafting recipe, and by now you should have plenty of silver.

Theodore: Who are you? Wait, are you holding a silver ring? What? Are you giving it to me?
oh, and what did you need to know? Oh, about the type of paper I use for materials.
MSH HUD(EN): Give 1 "Silver ring".
Theodore: We do use quality paper, but it's different from the one you are holding. That is what the upper class are using.
MSH HUD(EN): Let's report it to Algernon.

Theodore: Could I ask you for a favor? If you find an ore that casts an annoying brilliance,would you mind sharing one with me?
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "Weird man"
Theodore: You already brought me one? Oh, not yet… well, I'm not in a rush, but please do bring one. Don't forget that you need to bring the "Storne of misfortune".

Theodore: You brought it to me! Ohhh, this brilliance!!! Is not as much as I though…But, here is a token of gratitude. Take it.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Silver ore".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Gold ore".
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Platinum ore".

Theodore: This is only a rumor, but if you put this "Storne of misfortune" in to the furnace,apparently, something amazing will be created.

I tried this. Two of the three Stornes of misfortune then turned out to be Mithril, but that could have been a coincidence. The furnace also gave me an error message.

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: I was waiting for your report. So how did it go? Count Doyle is the suspecious one?!
A man known for his high morals and intellect? It must be a mistake…? I can't believe it…
This is the reward for this time.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained Yz200.

Algernon Leicester: Mr. March has a daughter, Aaliyah, who works at the mining company.
I know I've seen her face somewhere… but I can't recall.
Anyhow, please visit Aaliyah and ask her few questions.
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "The value of life"

Aaliyah March
Aaliyah March: Hello and welcome to mine company. How can I help you? You would like to talk to me about my father…?
My father was respected by many. I am proud to call him my father.
Aaliyah March: Trouble with Count Doyle? No, I never heard such a thing.
Rather he helped me with so much after the accident and even propsed to me. I have nothing but gratitude toward him.
MSH HUD(EN): Let's report it to Algernon.

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: She is certainly beautiful, but for a nobel to propose to a commoner. I can't believe it. He is very class conscious, including himself. There must be a reason.
There is a man who specializes on cutting building materials. His name is Jacob. He is a good friend of March. Please visit him for a chat.

Jacob: You are reinvestigating the accident? Oh, that newbie investigator has come that far in investigation? I'll tell you all I know. I'm the one who sent the anonymous letter.
Jacob: The night before the accident, March visited me and said: "You can trust Cound Doyle afterall. I'm bringing my daugther to the Imperial Capital tomorrow evening" and right after that, the accident happened.
Jacob: No matter how much I say he is suspicious, Doyle is a nobel. No one would listen to a mere miner. That's why I sent the letter.
MSH HUD(EN): Let's report it to Algernon.

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: That is interesting… but why would March take her to the Imperial Capital? Wait… the Imperial Capital…? I know! I thought they looked a like but… she looks just like the Prince… maybe twins? (Royal Family Law requires first born to be the heir… Twins… first born? Which mean a girl to be first born would be bad thing?)

This is scary, but if this scenario is correct, the Aaliyah is the twin to the prince and Count Doyle who found out about it is trying to use her. But without evidence, he can't be arrested. Oh, please deliver this paper to Debhorah who works at the Count's mansion.
MSH HUD(EN): Quest "The bad public worker Algernon"
MSH HUD(EN): Received a letter attention to Deborah

Deborah: What is this paper? Let me see...
You want me to look for the Count's letterheads? Well, I lost a gold ring that my hubby gave me. I was hoping to replace it before he find out.
Deborah: Oh, you did bring it to me. Then I'll do my best as well. Keep yourself occupied while waiting.
MSH HUD(EN): Give 1 "Gold ring".

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: I don't have any evidence that Aaliyah is Royal, but looking at her face and interpreting the story, I'm sure we are right. We have to protect her from those who wish to use her for political reasons.
Algernon Leicester: As we go forward with the investigation, Aaliyah's true identity may be disclosed. We need to change the circumstances of the accident by bribes. I need you to work on this.
That person… was looking for a platinum ring. Can you please get it?
MSH HUD(EN): Give 1 "Platinum ring".

Algernon Leicester: I'm sure we can bribe him easily as the director is a very greedy person. I can't reward you for the bribe item from the public funds, but I will give you this.
I think Deborah may be ready now with the work we asked her to do. Could you please go and see her?
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained "Sacred tree branch".

MSH HUD(EN): Good quality paper is received.
Deborah: Oh, it's you! I found it from the Count's room. This is it right?
MSH HUD(EN): Received a bag filled with gunpowder。
Deborah: I found this as well. This is gunpowder, right? Why would gunpowder be in the Count's room? Wonder if he likes fireworks?
MSH HUD(EN): Let's report it to Algernon.

Deborah: Oh, but we haven't seen him since yesterday. None in the masion know where he went.

Algernon Leicester
Algernon Leicester: This is unexpected. Now we have the evidence but Count Doyle is missing. He may have escaped after hearing about the investigation.
But with this new information, we may be able to avoid chaos.
Algernon Leicester: I will return to Imperial Capital to do some dirty work.
Please take care of Aaliyah while I'm gone. I'll see you soon.

Aaliyah March
Aaliyah March: It seems like you are friends with the investigator. Would you mind having a chat with me? I was told by the investigator that the accident may have been caused by Count Doyle. I can't believe it… but is it true?
Aaliyah March: So it is true. Ever since the accident, I thought Count Doyle was the only one I could trust. But the investigator said: "You are you. You make the decision on your own". I am Aldo March's daughter. I have decided to live on his beloved mine. This is what I decided.

Hint: MSH HUD(EN): From illegal investigations to bribes and making the necessary arrangements. Hang in there Algernon!

I honestly can't tell if this is the end or not! I'm loading this up now so other people can take advantage, and I'll update it if the storyline progresses further given some time. I suspect there has to be something more, as I was able to make an Engagement Ring which wasn't used in the plotline yet, nor was the Philosopher's Stone, though everything else was! Engagement Rings are also good for raising Yen, if you end up with a lot of diamonds and platinum and want to fill out your achievements.

I had a ball doing all of this, but I really wish I could help Aaliyah further! She seems so sweet.


 I have good news! There is more to the story - you just have to be patient and wait a day (or more) before going back and talking to Algernon.

 Algernon Leicester: I was running around, bribing people. Revocation of Doyle's title. Fabrication of crime scene. And finally the successor of the mine inspector.

Algernon Leicester: So, hello, my name is Algernon Leicester. I am the new mine inspector. If you have any questions, please visit the mine company.
MSH HUD(EN): Obtained Yz500.

Algernon Leicester: The town is peaceful right now. Good luck in mining… Oh, but you don't have mining right do you? It means it's illegal mining… Naaah, don't worry. Mine as much as you'd like.

Wait another day and Algernon has some interesting news for us!

 Algernon Leicester: Well, a lot happened after you left town… I do have one work for you. Please make an "Engagement Ring" and bring it to me.

Algernon Leicester: I'm sure you have one or another thing to say… I told her the truth about her birth right… but she was still the same. If this was me, I may have said make me the king. I believe this will be the last reward I will give to you. This is with my sicerest gratitude.

This seems to be the end of the hunt - and by implication I think Algernon and Aaliyah will be a very happy, loving couple! I'm so glad to have played a large part in their story, and I really enjoyed this hunt and the game attached to it. 


  1. Thanks for the guide! I popped over to the sim last night while you where on it but didn't do anything other then grab the hud.

    1. You're very welcome! I just updated with images, so it should be a little easier to follow!