Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Littlest Deoridhe


I had the hardest time finding a place to take pictures, and so I ended up going through my encyclopedic links and history and ended up back at Bryn Oh & Company's collaborative release - The Path, which I was thrilled to see was still open.

One of the negative effects of being very, very small in Second Life is that most things are so huge that all sense of proportion or ability to settle oneself near things can be impaired. I had a ball taking pictures at various stores with little desk areas - and I may well do a swing through my favorite stores in another version of this avatar because I LOVE IT! - but for a full length and "official" set of pictures (instead of my first-in-a-while Flickr only hunting set) I wanted to go to some place more uniform; some place where I could experience the Littlest Deoridhe in a variety of aspects. Bryn's build for The Path is perfect for this - being full of little details - in a way her other builds  haven't been to me (Immersiva tends to be more sweeping except for these tiny little details, for example, and the Family setup was stark, angular, and huge). What I really wanted for a faerie world was something cluttered, though, and the initial study Bryn developed contains both clutter and starkness in delightful concordance.

Mechanical Future

I feel really blessed to have this faerie and all her G Field dresses (the dresses and legs are rigged, but the flower headpiece and wings (not shown) are prim). I don't know what I'm doing in Second Life, but the gods and creators are smiling at me because I ended up with both the faerie, elf, and demon bodies made in collaboration between Yabusaka and Fallen Gods, the glorious outfits made by Fallen Gods to go with them, and the fantastic Wasabi Pills hair for free - and the eyes are semi-self made using textures from De La Soul, and mid-photoshoot I ended up with some more !bang poses as a gift from the generous creator. It's nights like this where I feel how blessed I am - generosities stacked upon generosities allowing me to have spots of true beauty in my life. I don't think there are enough words to show my gratitude for getting given what I would have wanted to buy in its entirety, so I hope these pictures will convey that for me.

Tiny Whim

The avatar body is mesh - and I have it on excellent authority that it is hysterically funny to people who can't see mesh and looks like a bunch of balls and boxes moving around randomly - and much of the clothing is mesh as well, but prim accessories do work. It is also very, very small - coming up to about the knee of a standard avatar and even less for the uber tall ones.  Even compared to my base avatar - which is short in Second Life - I am tiny. To give you a sense of perspective, the Random Calliope "bracelet" on my wrist is actually the ring; the "belt" has been shrunk on the side and back slightly, but it started as a necklace, and the decoration around my neck was originally meant for the forehead. Necklaces can work around the waist with very few modifications, as can bracelets, and many a ring will find a new lease in life around the wrists of my growing army of Very Very Tiny Deoridhes. My one complaint - and believe me when I say it is a very little one - is that every little faerie has the same features; part of me would love to see my full sized avatar reduced down to this size simply because the effect would be glorious, but that is well beyond the easy capability of mesh as it stands and I love this avatar so much it's really a footnote.

My Sisters!

Fallen Gods has released three types of avatars based off of three styles of skin, and with all the expected superiority of tone and design. I started with the palest "elf" color and haven't yet played around with the custom tinting that seems to be possible. Elf also comes in two other tones, one darker and a bit grayer and the other darker and slightly warmer - these are effectively the "human" tone range of pale to tan. The "crystals" are the faerie forms, and come in blue, purple, and green - all base medium in tone to start with. The final "dracos" set are meant to be more demonic, and come in dark red, purple, and black. Each style of skin has a corresponding outfit to match - a robe and cape setup for the elves, wings and scanty earring based clothes for the faeries, and tightfitting bodysuits with bat-style wings for the demons.

Hitting the Books

I am wearing the dress that G Field made for this avatar, though, in unison with the delightful hair from Wasabi Pills. Right now there's just a single offering from each, but I remain hopeful that both will create more - I'm especially hoping for other of the mesh hairs from Wasabi Pills to be made, since some of them I adore so much, and I'd love to see them all miniaturized. If you go to the Yabusaka sim, you can also see mesh samples for making clothing for these avatars, and I'm really impressed to the extent to which they are a collaboration, and encouraging further collaboration. My other accessories - including the eyes - were pulled together myself out of my existing inventory, and I wanted to do this to show the inherent versatility of the avatar despite it being mesh and a very different shape from the base avatar (though no-copy jewelry will quickly become your bane, as it has become mine!).

The included eyes for the avatar don't quite show up well, and all attempts I made to use the system eye slots to add eyes met with failure, but I made static eyes using eyeball prims and a texture I wheedled out of De La Soul's creator, who has a history of giving in to wide eyes and a slightly quivering lower chin. The eyes on my avatar are simple 0.01 balls with a texture slapped on them, linked to a third 0.01 ball and attached to the chin; it took me less than ten minutes to make, and should be an example to any eye creators who want to get in on the game early - it really isn't difficult, and the texture changed not at all.

Reflections Upon Reflections

( More pictures here. )


Avatar: Fallen Gods and Yabusaka, Petites
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Orion Petite Mesh Hair - golden
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle (shrunk)
"Bracelet" and "Necklace": Random Calliope, Slither
"Belt": De La Soul, Glaive Choker
Dress and Accessories: G Field, Fairy Dress - purple

Poses: !bang

Location: The Path
Light Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only