Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Next Big Thing Hunt: De La Soul Prizes

I usually absolutely suck at blogging something that I got during a hunt while the hunt is still on.

I made an exception.

In the interest of full disclosure, the creator of De La Soul is a personal friend and I think he is awesome. That does not, however, preclude me from thinking his hunt prize skins, a horrible taunting tease of his soon-to-be-skin-line Charlie, are fantastic and he is horrible, and teasing, because he's been giving me hints at the makeups for ages and I am squirming and wanting so much. You have NO IDEA. Waaaant. These are the free tease he set out to make me cry like a little girl.

( You can't see in these pictures, because unlike some people I wear underwear, but there are cute little butt dimples in the back. )

His skin tones range from a dark cocoa to a vampiric pale milk. I'm a cream girl, myself, but I have to admit the richness of his cocoa skin has me rethinking my preferences.

TNBTH - Charlie Cocoa

TNBTH - Charlie Tal Lt

TNBTH - Charlie Frappe

TNBTH - Charlie Cafe

TNBTH - Charlie Biscotti

TNBTH - Charlie Cream

TNBTH - Charlie Milk

The Next Big Thing Hunt is still going on, and you're looking for a lightbulb. There is a hint on his blog, and to get to the store go here.

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