Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Place Like Home

Briefly, I was honored by a good friend Marya to have some land on her Open Space to make a home for myself.

I'm a novice builder, but fond of orbs and circular shapes in my building, and this reflected itself in the home I eventually build that I really like to this day, though I've no real place to rez it.

2009-02-15 My Home_004
Description: Partial orb home with platforms in rainbow colors on top, with a fish tank visible.

I conceived of the platform levels as dance floors, though I never actually managed to throw a party. The fish tank conceals the entrance to the home itself - you literally walk through it and fall down inside.

2009-02-15 My Home_002
Description: View from above, the rainbow pattern of the platforms clearly visible. The purple covers the red.

I had fun placing the platforms, but they are very prim-heavy. I have high hopes of replicating them using sculpty prims and thus decreasing the prim count!

2009-02-15 My Home_005
Description: A view inside the first level, where there is a platform allowing the water to fall down on all sides above a staircase.

When you drop down, you land on a platform, then can drop over the edge of it to the first floor down. That's also where the spiral staircase down begins. I never filled int his floor, but the purpose was for a more public area that still remained private, like a living room, but I never had the prims to fill it.

2009-02-15 My Home_006
Description: A view inside the second level down, where the fountain ends in a pool.

This is the second floor down, essentially my bedroom, where I kept my stand for changing on. Likewise, I never had the prims to put in a bed, but if I ever do it shall go here.

The pool actually conceals the third floor down, which I always wanted to make over as an underwater paradise.

Someday I hope to have the land and primcount to truly do it justice. I'm also thinking of making it soap-bubble like, but I need some time and patience to create the textures for that but make them non-transparent.

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