Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've Falln and I Can't Get Out

I mentioned chat groups in my previous post, but didn't talk about the one I'm most active in - Falln's Angels. The group associated with Falln Angel Creations, Falln's Angels thrives on random, spammy chat across a wide variety of topics which is frequently silly.

I adore it.

I had no idea the first time I teleported into Falln's main store how central it would become to my SL social life. I semi-regularly simply hang out there, and at one of these times I was playing with some of the objects Azriel (the owner and creator of Falln Angel Creations) made and left out for use and sale.

2009-02-15 Cathedral_001
Description: A blond figure in a red dress, Deo, is stabbed through the chest on the lower step of a dais. Two thrones are at the top, the right, red one occupied by Azriel. A figure, Grrr, also hangs from a meathook to the right.

Hanging from one of the tastefully-done meat hooks is Graverobber from the Repo: The Genetic Opera movie. I call him Grrrrrrr. On the red throne is Azriel, likely with his nose in Photoshop. The blue throne is for Tomoyuki, Az's partner and the owner of Little Boy Blue.

I wandered in while they were busy in other windows, or in instant messages,a nd tried out the "murder scene" pose Az has on his dais. This proved to be a risky choice, since Grrrr is fond of the no-longer-living.

2009-02-15 Cathedral_002
Description: The stabbed figure, Deo, on the dais from a different perspective and wearing a purple dress now. The figure from the meathook, Grrrr, is now straddling Deo. A figure in black and white with angel wings, Xaethriel, overlooks by the glass coffin.

(Yes, I changed clothes. In the other dress my panties were showing. Shush.) Next thing I know, I've got a Grrr on me waiting for the last of the blood to trickle out. Luckily for me, Xae came and rescued me before I became another of Grrr's mindless, adoring Harem of the Dead.

2009-02-15 Cathedral_008
Description: Deo is now standing up in her pretty dress. Grr is looking forlorn and Xae is looking triumphant.

There are loads of other pictures on my Flickr, but how many images of the same general scene can you put in a post before people start crying, "Off with her head"?