Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Stores and Locations

The Store Name takes you to their inworld mainstore; the Fantasy Faire Sim Name takes you to their Fantasy Faire location. For a full shopping catalogue, check out the hard work put into this Pinterest Group. Many thanks to the Fantasy Faire Pinterest Team of 2016 - Apolonia Anatine, Arugula Rugula (sugarfairy88), Catalina Staheli, DarkMatter Wizardly, DevinVaughn, Divine Paine, Duchess Flux, Nina diLeonardi (Nina2012nina), Roxi Firanelli, Sorcha Irelund and Thalia Lupindo.They did a fantastic job and made a real resource for everyone!

Stores in Bold are Sim Sponsors; Stores in Italics are Event Sponsors.

Sims in Counter-clockwise order are:

7 Deadly s{K}ins by Izara Zuta on Dangarnon

Acios by Acarna Drachios on Twilight Illusion
Aii the Ugly & Beautiful by PrincessAii on Blackmoor
Air by Aslan Kish on Lucentia
AiShA by Amandamir Resident on Lucentia
alpha.tribe by Alpha Auer on Echtra
AlterEgo by Toxxic Rhiannyr on Lucentia
* Amaranthus * by Elbereth Nightfire on Serenity
Anachron by Nix Marabana on Dangarnon
Analog Dog Hair by Queue Marlowe on Tinkers Hollow
anc Ltd. by aki69 Resident on The Golden Delta 
Ankle Biter by Yuna Yuadl on The Golden Delta
Anteater Emporium by Ameisenbaer on Lucentia
.Arcadia. by Lokii Violet on Blackmoor
Arx Loricatus by Dogma Trevellion on The Golden Delta  
Athena Couture by DJRoseAthena on Echtra
Attitude is an Artform by Hecta Demina on Dangarnon
Atomic Kitties by Lauren Thibaud on Breeze
Autogenica by Fawkes Allen on Blackmoor
Avatar Bizarre by Sredni Eel on Lucentia

Bad Katz by Katz Republic on Tinkers Hollow
Balderdash by Saiyge Lotus on Fairlands Junction
BamPu Legacies by BambiChicque Resident on Twilight Illusion
Bare Rose by June Dion on The Golden Delta
Belle Epoque by Janire Coba on Breeze
Beyond Persuasion design by Elizabet Savira on Twilight Illusion
Bite & Claw by Graea Resident on Dangarnon
Black Tulip by Auryn Beorn on Twilight Illusion
BLD by Beliria Lumley on Echtra
Bliensen + MaiTai by Plurabelle Laszlo on Lucentia
BluPrintz by Mirajai Maven on Twilight Illusion
BMe, BlueMoon enterprise by SolasNaGealai on Echtra
Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute by manmoth Nishi on Echtra
Boudoir by Precious Restless & Vitabela Dubrovna on Lucentia
Building Daydreams by AineMari Flanagan on The Golden Delta

Callista’s Closet by CallistaMarie Resident on Breeze
Carrie’s Lingerie by Carrie Bridger on Serenity
The Cat and Fiddle by CallistaMarie Resident on Breeze
c*C*c by Kamo Resident on Tinkers Hollow
Cerridwen's Cauldron by Elicio Ember on OtherWorld
Challis Products by Darmid Illyar on Bright Haven
ChangHigh by Yman Juran  on Breeze
ChiC buildings by Chic Aeon on Tinkers Hollow
[CIRCA] Living by Cherelle Capra on Serenity
Cole’s Corner by ColeMarie Soleil on Lucentia
*.:!Completely oBVious!:.* by Baldur Darkwatch on Blackmoor
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations by kreao Kujisawa on Breeze
Curious Kitties by Ameshin Yossarian on The Golden Delta
Curvosity by Synful Ghost on Serenity
Cygnet’s Dreams by Ann Cygnet on The Golden Delta

The Dark Fae by Corvi Ashdene on Dangarnon
Dark Passions by Bcreative Wilde on Blackmoor
Death Row Designs by Jaimy Hancroft on Dangarnon
DeBaza by Sphynx Soleil on Blackmoor
Designs by Isaura by Isaura Simons on Bright Haven
!dM deviousMind by Chandra Meehan on The Golden Delta
Dinkies by Etheria Parrott on Breeze
Dragon Magick Wares by Dragonia DeCuir on Lucentia
Dream of Medieval Crafts by Minako Ying on Twilight Illusion
~* Dream Things ~* by Pia Uladstron on Bright Haven
DressMe Designs Julianna Jonstone on Serenity
Dysfunctionality by Anke Hatchuk on Breeze

Eccentric Ephemeria by Alexandra Rucker on Blackmoor
.Eldrich. by Kiera Ashdene on Echtra
Empyrean Forge by Empyreanforge Resident on Serenity
Enchantment! by Dumpydrawers Resident on Blackmoor
Epic by Jade Winthorpe on Tinkers Hollow
Epic Toy Factory by Mayah Parx on Tinkers Hollow
Eternal Dream by Fata Boa on Breeze
E.V.E by Noke Yuitza on Dangarnon
[EvelineInTheBox] by Eveline Ashbourne on Serenity
:[Even~Tide]: by Eve Gaelyth on Echtra 

Fae Fantasy Creations by Tamrielle Halderman on Breeze
Faeline Fairy by Pryda Parx on Serenity
Faida by Titania Halasy on The Golden Delta
Fallen Arms by SirSprocket Resident on Lucentia
Fallen Gods Inc. by Alia Baroque on The Golden Delta
FantaSea by Corkie Houston on Breeze
Fantasy China by Alial Allen on Twilight Illusion
Fantavatar & Moonstruck by Luna Barak on Echtra
Feyline Fashions by FeydaAnn Ferryhill on Twilight Illusion
*Figment* by Dreamfantasia Nightfire on Lucentia
forestfeast by Mikatsuki Matova on The Golden Delta
The Forge by Deccan Arida on Dangarnon
Frippery by Elizabeth Tinsley on The Golden Delta

[Gauze] by Yukio Ida on Lucentia 
Goth1c0 by Keishii Roo on Echtra
GUARAN-DOU by ASMA Harcourt on Tinkers Hollow
Gypsy Wolf by Nikita Schapire on Twilight Illusion

-Hanaya- by Moriko Inshan on Bright Haven
.HollyWeird. by DeannaNastie13 Resident on Dangarnon
Homebase Furniture & More by Baljaro Resident on Twilight Illusion
House of RFyre by Raven Pennyfeather on The Golden Delta   

Immateria by Naenia Demina on Blackmoor
*Independent Objects* by Susan Independent on Twilight Illusion
Innsmouth by ArikTheRed Resident on Blackmoor

Jenara by Jennylynn Capalini on Tinkers Hollow
Jinx by Julala Demina on Breeze

Kaerri by Kaerri Rae on Bright Haven
Kaithleen’s by Zlyskritek on Serenity
KAMI-HITOE by Sala Snook on Breeze
Kismet by Cierra Anatine on Blackmoor
KittyCatS! by Callie Cline on Bright Haven
Kittycat's Creations by Kittycat Ninetails on Bright Haven

~Lantian/Flox~ by Wyvern Dryke on Tinkers Hollow
Les Encantades by Anouk Haiku on Bright Haven
: Lewd : by Akasha Watchmann on Blackmoor
Lilith’s Den by Alrunia Ahn on Echtra
The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly on Dangarnon

Living the FantaSea by Corkie Houston on Breeze
The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee on Lucentia
The Lost Unicorn Gallery by Natalie Montagne on Echtra
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. by Lolly Carlberg on Bright Haven
LOVE ROLEPLAY AND FANTASY STORE by Krystali Rabeni on Tinkers Hollow
Luas by Ainaraluas on Breeze
Luftmensch by Hephaesteon Resident on Dangarnon 
Lumae by Lumiya Rae on Serenity
Luna Bliss Home & Garden by Luna Bliss on Lucentia
Lunar Seasonal Designs by Lunar Tripsa on Twilight Illusion 

MacMoragh an Gabha by Fenn MacMoragh on The Golden Delta 
Magnum Opus by Jag Jetcity on Bright Haven
Mangomoon by Apolonia Anatine on Blackmoor
meadowWorks by Garvie Garzo on The Golden Delta
MER IS AN OPTION (SWF) by GraceSWF Wrigglesworth on Echtra 
Mermaid Treasure Boutique by Theta Marseille on Bright Haven
Meva by Mea Carnell on Serenity
Mindgardens Creations by Bonny Greenwood on Twilight Illusion
Mistique by Mahilwen Mistwalker on Breeze
MurTails by Murasaki Kaligawa on Echtra
Musa by Filomena Quinnell on The Golden Delta
[MUSE] & NSP by Norena Soir on Twilight Illusion
~ Mystic Sky ~ by Skyler John on Bright Haven

NAMINOKE by taiko McCaw on Echtra
ND/MD by Alea Lamont on Tinkers Hollow 

The NeoVictoria Project by Asil Ares on Serenity
Nephilim by NephilimReborn Resident on Dangarnon

Oak & Elm by Emilly Orr on Blackmoor
Opassande by ArielleCantis Resident on Blackmoor
OtherSkin by Kaleidos Resident on Blackmoor
OXIDE by Ziggurson Resident & Zuleicca Resident on Dangarnon

*paper moon* by Sohma Dix on Blackmoor
%Percent Furniture & Lighting by Plato Novo on Twilight Illusion
Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations by Zevyah Resident on Tinkers Hollow
Plastik by Aikea Rieko on Serenity
Poet’s Heart by Irina Strazytski on Dangarnon
Polenth’s Mushporium by Polenth Yue on Breeze
Poseidon by Gryphon Vendetta on Blackmoor
.PoshTale. by Clarity Travesty on Lucentia
{POSH PIXELS} by VampirePam Resident on Blackmoor

Quixote’s Dream by Ceri Quixote on Echtra

Rainy Fey Creations by Nyree Rain on Serenity
*~rayheart~* by Xiue Yalin on Twilight Illusion
Rivendale by lrriven Resident on Tinkers Hollow
Roawenwood by Searlait Nischke on Fairelands Junction 
{Rook} Poses by Nadia Voljeti on Breeze 

SAKIDE by Kinu Mayako on Serenity
SALLIE by Sallie Takao on Echtra
Satyr Moon by Vasa Vella on Bright Haven
The Seamstress by Geryn Sloane on Bright Haven
Secrets of Gaia by Rox Arten on Blackmoor
Senzafine by Synjari Myriam on Blackmoor
Sherwood Forest LTD by AphroditeStarr Resident on Bright Haven
Silent Sanctuary by Raeyn Sirnah on Twilight Illusion
Simply Shelby by Shelby Olivier on Breeze
Sister Fate* Petites by Dax Dover on Breeze
Snoodles by Yap Snoodle on Twilight Illusion
Solarium by Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase on Breeze
~Soraida~ by Dwaina Resident on Lucentia 
.:Soul:. by Lerochelle Destiny on Blackmoor
Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal on Serenity
Stargazer Creations by Aggie Mactavish on Blackmoor
Star Journey by Lorraine Charron on Serenity
Stitched & EPOS by EposHair Resident on Serenity
Stix by Pixy Snook on Breeze
The Stringer Mausoleum by Helena Stringer on Serenity
Stone’s Works by Darkstone Aeon on Tinkers Hollow
Storybook by Vix Nirvana on Dangarnon
~*Sweet Revolutions*~ by Sweetgwendoline Bailey on Twilight Illusion
Syren's Song by Syren Nightfire on The Golden Delta

Talevin’s Designs by Talevin Whelan on Bright Haven
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions by Tayren Theas on Bright Haven
TEAM ACTS FOR RFL by OldeSoul on Breeze
TempT by LaKira Ratelle on Serenity
ThatChick by Anastasia Domenici on Bright Haven
Tiar by Atiya Baar on Breeze
Titans by Kilik Lekvoda on Bright Haven
**Tir Na Nog** by siarl Shan on Breeze
Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru by Silverfox Rainbow on Lucentia
[][]Trap[][] by Selos Dae on Lucentia

United InshCon by Eldowyn Inshan on Twilight Illusion
Unknown Designs by TaylaAtlantis Ashbourne on Echtra
Unrepentant by Jalynne Ohmai & Nicolias Sadoul on Dangarnon
Unzipped by Destany Laval on Lucentia

Velvet Whip by Madmacit Resident on The Golden Delta
Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger on The Golden Delta
VH by Voidheart Mistwalker on Tinkers Hollow

Wasabi Pills by MissAllSunday Lemon & Rouge Darcy on The Golden Delta
Whimsical Wonders/Winry’s Whimsey by Winry Carver on Tinkers Hollow
The White Armory by Bee Dumpling on Dangarnon
Wilds of Organica by Aki Shichiroji on Breeze
W-ZERO by masaomi Ragu on Echtra

Yasum Design by Azlyn Vaher on Tinkers Hollow
.: yo bailo :. by yuuki Solo on Breeze

Zohee’s Mermaid Designs by Zohee Goldshark on The Golden Delta
Zyn by Zyndyrr Resident on Dangarnon

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