Monday, July 9, 2012

Moth to a Cake Candle Flame

2012-06-27 SL9B_002

On the last day of SL9B, I thought to try to take some pictures to express the vastness of the four sim Cake Stage which was the centerpiece of the celebration. It was so enormous that it was difficult to capture in pictures - as soon as you scroll out enough you disappear. I placed myself by one of the candle flames (there were nine of them around the cake, each giving a different birthday hat) and then gradually scrolled out to try to give a sense of scale. I am a full sized avatar in these pictures, and I never move or change size - this is simply how enormous everything was. I'm a tiny moth by the flame above - that's the flame of the candle below (look for the black arrow pointing at me).

2012-06-27 SL9B_003

Panned back, I am a tiny dot by the flame above. Even scrolled only a little back I almost disappear. I'm even smaller - barely visible, in the picture below which shows part of the enormity of the cake with the candle nearby. Each of these candles - which dwarf me entirely, are dwarfed themselves by the full cake stage. The scale was so unbelievable, it took me several visits to figure it out - and I hope this helps express that glory now that it has passed us by.

2012-06-27 SL9B_004

( More pictures here. )

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